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Thomas Mumford - Sheriff

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Primary Functions of the Sheriff's Office

  • Contracts, coordinates, and effects housing and transportation of prisoners for all court related appearances and activities.
  • Provide security for Courtrooms and Courthouses as required.
  • Serve arrest warrants for both the District Justice and Common Pleas Court .
  • Serve Protection from Abuse Orders (PFA); within Sullivan County and enforce such orders as needed.
  • Serve all civil process for both the District Justice and Common Pleas Court .
  • Serve Mental Health Warrants for involuntary commitments. (302's)
  • Process Orders and Writs of Execution and conduct levies and Sheriff Sales in accordance with Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure.
  • Perform duties as truant officer for the Sullivan County School District .
  • Conduct background investigations of applicants applying for a "License to Carry a Firearm," as outlined in the Pennsylvania Uniform Firearms Act.
  • Respond to private citizens' request in regard to domestic disputes and community disputes. Provide information to parties and assist as necessary.
  • Upon request, provide assistant to other law enforcement agencies
  • Provide instruction for Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) to Sullivan County School District.
  • Upon view, enforce Commonwealth Traffic and Crimes Code violations.

Process Service Fees

The Sullivan County Sheriff's Office requires the following amounts for services:

  • $75.00 Civil Complaints, Writs, etc., for first defendant
  • $25.00 Each additional defendant
  • $100.00 Writs/Orders of Execution – Personal Property under $3000.00
  • $200.00 Writs/Orders of Execution – Personal Property $3000.00 - $8000.00
  • $500.00 Writs of Execution – Personal Property over $8000.00
  • $1500.00 Writs of Execution – Real Estate

Sheriff's Sale Notice

When scheduled - Sheriff's Sales will be held on the last Friday of the month at 10:00am at the Sheriff's Office in the Sullivan County Courthouse.


Pending Sales are shown below:  No sales pending at this time

Liscense to Carry

  • The cost to renew or apply for the first time is $25.00.
  • Permits are valid for 5 years.
  • Photographs will be taken at the Sheriff's Office.
  • Checks should be made payable to "Sullivan County Sheriff's Office".
  • It will take approximately 10 days to process your application. The office will notify you on approval.
  • Regardless of the date that your current permit expires, the date that you come in to pick up your new permit will be the NEW effective date.
  • Please useSullivanCountyresidents for your references
  • Applications may be mailed back to:

The Sullivan County Sheriff's Office

P.O. Box157

Laporte,PA 18626 



License to Carry Application
Microsoft Word document [76.5 KB]


  • Your physical, (911) and mailing address, if different.
  • We will need complete mailing addresses for the listed references
  • Your Driver's License Number. Applications cannot be processed without this number.
  • PLEASE PROVIDE THE LAST FOUR DIGITS OF YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. If you choose not to provide your number, we are required to send your application to the Pennsylvania State Police inHarrisburg for your approval. This will prolong the permit application process

Job Description and Employment Application

Deputy Sheriff positions available.  See Job description and application


Deputy Sheriff Job Description
Microsoft Word document [20.8 KB]
Deputy Sheriff Application
Deputy Application.doc
Microsoft Word document [36.5 KB]

Contact the Department

Sheriff's Office


245 Muncy Street

PO Box 157

Laporte, PA 18626


Courthouse Phone:  (570) 946-7361

Fax: (570) 946-4075